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  • on 09.08.2009
  • at 09:15 PM
  • by uvach

Temples of Corruption 3


Another common den of corruption is the Railways. Corruption here, is like a 24 hour news channel, its always on. Street knowledge will tell you that if you have no reservation and you still need to travel, it is easier for you to board the train with a simple Platform ticket or even no ticket at all, rather than with a full paid ‘wait-list’ ticket. Why? Because it gives the Ticket Inspector more room to play with. A ticket-less traveler in the reserved compartment travels as the personal guest of the Ticket Inspector. Its a win win for both of them, the traveler pays half the fare , the Ticket Inspector gets his bribe, only the government looses out in between. However the situation is downright frightening in the unreserved class. Passengers are packed like sardines. Peasants and poor people are routinely harassed by the GRP and the Ticket Inspectors.  A number of times such harassment leads to their off loading from running train, often causing severe injuries and sometimes even death. But the extortion carries on throughout the days and especially the nights.

Politics and corruption have almost become synonymous in India. Of all corruptions, political corruption is the most brazen of them all. Politicians easily explain away corruption as political conspiracy and opposition’s move to defame them. The images of Sukhram caught with crores stashed under his bed, Narsimha Rao’s son declaring more than 200 crores in VDIS, Shibu Soren casting his vote in favour of the government in lieu of money found in his bank account, Mayawati declaring to the Income Tax Department, hundreds of crores of rupees, as personal gifts from her poor followers, and the very recent Buta-son act – all have one thing in common – the persons concerned continued in active politics even after being exposed. Politicians use their control over the levers of power to milk the system on a sustained basis. Their need for corruption grows in tandem with their stature as corruption is their primary source of revenue for keeping their political fortunes alive.

India Corrupt Image

If corrupt politcians and officials are the Gods of Corruption, the Judiciary is truly the temple of corruption. Armed with the powers of contempt of court, and the discretionary powers of granting bail and dispensing punishment , Judiciary lords over corruption. Everybody swears by the Judiciary and bows before it. It is difficult not to get corrupted by such power. Corruption has been institutionalised in Judiciary, and everyone partakes. The lawyers, registrars, court orderlies, and the judges all join in to fleece the litigants and the accused. The longer the case meanders, the more chance there is to extort money. From the most minor task of seeking deferral to the grat of bail, and the highest task of deciding the case, everything carries a price tag. The secrecy, the lack of alternatives, the fear of reprisals, everything conspires to keep the judicial corruption under wraps. In the odd cases where it comes to light, progess is slow and ineffective. Not only does the Judiciary brim with corruption, it is also used by the beureucracy to cajole common citizens into submission. The threat of facing a corrupt, inefficent Judiciary soon brings them to their knees. Government after all, is not only the largest litigant in the country by a huge margin, but is also the largest abuser of law to persecute citizens on fabricated or inflated cases.

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  1. Prashant says:

    Judiciary is the one thing which may be able to save this country, unfortunately Judiciary itself is full of corruption… no wonder the SC judges are fighting hard to save them from declaring their assets. It really makes me sad to see the situation where a poor gets harassed because he cannot bribe the officials.

  2. admin says:

    Corruption, procedural complexities and delay in Judiciary need immediate attention.

  3. krishna kumar surana says:

    I have faced corruption, procedural complexities and delay in “AZAN ON MIKE CASE” where my lawyer Shri Chand Maljisahib Chopra, because he had filed the famous Calcutta Quran Petition, was not allowed to appear in the case on my behalf and I had to fight the Section 153(A) I.P.C. charges without the help of a lawyer by myself and no Govt.lawyer was provided like in the case of 26/11 Pakistani national. Govt. of India and Judiciary do not do justice and expect Pakistan and the International community to do justice.

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