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Internship for MPs & MLAs 1


Note: This is the first part of the three part series on Next Generation Electoral Reforms (other two –   Inner Party Democracy , MP – M for Muder, P for Politcs ) .

Indian Elections are full of last minute entrants. First there are the ‘turncoats’ who switch sides right before elections owing to ‘political differences’, disillusionment, or simply the  realisation of being on the weaker side. Then there are the ‘rebels’, who on being denied ticket by their original party, either move to another party, float their own party or contest as independents. Next are the ‘proxies’ such as wives of criminals who replace their husbands if they are rendered ineligible to contest,  or wives of dacoits, underworld dons, politicians gone underground to evade arrest etc.. Also there are  the ‘overnight’  politicians like the wives, sons, relatives of powerful politicians or actors, sportsmen, public figures etc. who jump into the fray at the last minute to try their luck. None of them have any serious commitment to serve the electorate and are solely motivated by their personal gains.

Indian Politics interns

To avoid such last minute entrants, internship for MPs & MLAs should be made mandatory. This could be implemented in a simple manner by :-

a) Fixing the term of the Parliament/ Legislature.
b)  Mandating all political parties to notify their candidates a minimum one year in advance of the polls. Independents too must be required to register their candidature at least one year in advance.

The one year waiting period should be treated as internship. This will give the electorate ample chance to evaluate and observe a candidate before voting for him. Candidates should use the one year period to nurture their constituency and try to solve the problems of their electorate. Competitive pressure will ensure that the interns work hard at winning the confidence of their electorate. Ironically though, the interns may turn out to be better than the eventual winners.

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