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Help – Add Information to Bribe Rate Chart 2


Bribe Rate Chart is a wiki enabled table that can be updated/ modified by any reader. To be able to contribute to this table you need to a) Register and then b) Login.

To register as a contributor to the ‘Bribe Rate Chart’ page, you can click here . After you receive you password through your email id , you can then proceed to Login here.

Once you successfully Login, it should open up the ‘Bribe rate Chart’ in the Editor. You can now add/ modify this table.

To add another row to the table,  take the cursor to the last row of the table. Then Click on ‘Insert row after’ from above. This will insert a new row at the end of the table.

You can now proceed to add information to the table by clicking on the appropriate cell within the table.

Department/ Designation: The department and/ or the designation of the person of the Corruption service provider. For Government officials this could be Railways/ Police/ Judiciary/ …Tax etc.

Service: Corrupt service being offered such as Driving license/ Passport/ Caste Cetificate/ BPL Card etc.

Location: Should mention the name of the state/town/village if the rate/ service is confined to that place or simply ‘India’ if the rate/ service is applicable to the entire country.

Rate: Cost of corruption in Rupee or percentage terms.

Reference: As far as possible the added information should be easily verifiable through independent reference. Ideally the information should have an ‘online reference’. In that case a link to the information can be added using ‘Insert/ edit Link’ from above. Else a reference of the newspaper/magazine/book/article needs to provided citing the name of the publication and the date of publication. If none of he above is applicable and the information is either self experience based or ‘common knowledge’, the email address/ or online link to the profile of the person adding the information should be provided.

After entering information in the new row. the same should be saved and ‘Submit for Review’. A preview of the change can be viewed by hitting the preview button in the side.

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  1. Sudhakaran says:

    Corruption is not the cause. it is a symptom only.
    fighting it without understanding the cause and addressing it is futile.

  2. uvach says:

    @Sudhakaran No fight against wrong is futile. It may not succeed, yet it is not a sign of failure. It just means that not enough people have tried. Agree with you that Corruption is only the symptom of a deeper inner malaise. Have said so in my post “Save the Honest Man”.

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