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Article written

  • on 03.11.2010
  • at 11:59 PM
  • by uvach

Dump all the Maha Politicians 11


Recently while campaigning for Bihar Elections, Sharad Yadav made a controversial remark about ‘throwing Rahul Gandhi’ into the Ganges. While his remark may simply have been a ruse to draw attention, there does exist a valid case for dumping all the current Maharashtra politicians into the Arabian sea.

Maharashtra Politicians

New Breed of Maharashtra Politicians

Without that, there can be no fresh beginning. Since Ashok Chavan’s offer to resign over the Adarsh Housing Society scam, the guessing game for the next Chief Minister has already begun, similar to the speculation that was rife when Vilasrao Desmuskh was removed after 26/11 Mumbai attack. Given that multiple relatives of Ashok Chavan have been found to have received allotment of the multi-crore flats in the Adarsh Housing Society, which was cleared in the name of Kargill widows and war heros, his continuation as CM, seems highly untenable. The choices though among the present pool of Maharashtra politicians are horrifying. The usual names of Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Nararyan Rane etc. are doing the rounds, but all of them are part of a discredited lot. It is not just the ruling party that faces such a predicament, its alliance partner NCP is no better and neither is the opposition of Shiv Sena, BJP and MNS. It seems as if the entire polity of Maharashtra has been vitiated. Overdose of money, fame and crime reek from every pore of state politicians, resulting in bad governance, mismanagement and Corruption. Wealth accumulation seems to be their only goal. Behind the public facade of political rivalry, the real race is for money. This last decade and a half has seen a curious game of Musical Chairs being played amongst its 5 ex-Chief Ministers , 2 ex-Depty Chief Ministers and the current CM and Dy CM. Roller coaster rides of some of the key players are detailed below:-

Vilasrao Deshmukh(Congress): CM from 1999-2003, was replaced by Sushil Kumar Sihinde in January 2003 –> Again become CM after 2004 elections replacing Shinde –> had to resign after 26/11 attacks in 2008, was replaced by Ashok Chavan –> rehabilitated into Union Cabinet in May 2009 as  Minister for Heavy Industries.

Sushil Kumar Shinde(Congress): CM briefly between January 2003 – November 2004, replacing Vilasrao Deshmukh –> Won the elections but was replaced by Vilasrao Deshmukh again, and was packed up as Governor of Andhra Pradesh –> inducted into Union Cabinet as Minster for Power in 2006.

Narayan Rane(Congress, ex-Shiv Sena): CM for a brief period in between February – October 1999 from Shiv Sena, lost Elections in 1999. Quit Sena and joined Congress in 2005 and became minister in the state cabinet since then

Chagan Bhujbal(NCP,ex-Shiv Sena): Deputy Chief Minister October 1999 – December 2003 –> quit on account of Telgi Scam –> reinducted as Deputy CM in December 2008 replacing R.R. Patil

R R Patil(NCP,ex-Congress): Deputy Chief Minister October 2004 – December 2008 –> had to resign after 26/11 attack –> rehabilitated as State Home Minister in October 2009

Towering above everyone else there is Sharad Pawar, who formed NCP in June 1999 after quitting Congress over Sonia Gandhi’s foreigner status, yet had no qualms aligning with Congress in the state (1999 onwards) and at the centre (2004 onwards) for power sharing. Besides being the overworked Union Minister for Agriculture and PDS, he still finds time to be the czar of the multi-billion Cricket Industry and the NCP President. He has diverse business interests, majority of which are undisclosed. Closely linked to him is Praful Patel, a businessman turned politician who is currently the Minister of state for Civil Aviation in the Union Cabinet. To give him company there is another businessman turned politician of the Congress party, Murli Deora, who is the Union Cabinet Minister for Petroleum and Natural gas since 2006. None of them however can overshadow Suresh Kalmadi who outshone everyone in the just concluded Common Wealth Games.

The opposition ranks are equally discredited and insipid. The principal opposition party, Shiv Sena formed on narrow, regional parochialism and Hindu right wing ideology is on the decline due to an overage patriarch and the third term out of power. Its writ though still runs large among Businessmen and Film fraternity, whom they armtwist with the threat of violence. Matching them step for step and exceeding in venality is its new off shoot MNS. This new breed of politicians is even more brazen and intolerant.  The BJP has long been reduced to being an appendage of the Shiv Sena and is incapable of independent action.

On closer scrutiny three prominent trends in Maharashtra politics stand out:-

1. All major political parties are controlled by ‘remote control’. In case of Congress it is true nationally, yet the vagaries of changes in Maharashtra have surpassed their own standards. For NCP, the keys to power are securely kept with Sharad Pawar and his confidante Praful Patel.They may be Union Ministers but their heart still lies in Maharashtra. Balasaheb Thakrey of Shiv Sena has always prided himself for being  above the fray. In his hey days, he nominated Manohar Joshi to be the Chief Minister only to be replace him with Narayan Rane towards the fag end of his term. BJP’s remote control used to be with Pramod Mahajan till he was alive, after that it has lost relevance. The politics of extra constitutional authority has often brought in power without accountability leading to more rapid degeneration.

2. Another salient characteristic of Maharashtra politicians is their close association with business community. Mumbai being the business capital of India, most politicians have overt business interests in Sugar, Real Estate, Education or Hospitality besides covert involvement in crime syndicates or illicit businesses. This has created strong vested interests and fueled Corruption at all levels.

3.Whenever someone gets discredited in the public eye or is named in a scam, he is shunted out for a brief period of time, only to return back either in the state or the centre, after the public gaze shifts on to some one else.

There is little hope for Maharashtra with the current batch of politicians. @Chetan_Bhagat has a point when he suggests that may be its time for Rahul Gandhi to try his hand at being the interim Maharashtra CM before he ascends the throne at Delhi.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sanjay Uvach and others. Sanjay Uvach said: New Post: It is time to dump all the Maha Politicians [in the Arabian sea] http://bit.ly/btul93 […]

  2. praveen singh chouhan says:

    why dump only maharasthra politicians? In fact all the indian politicians deserve the same treatment.Its the helplessness of we Indians that these politician are turning to be devils who are deciding our fate.Its the aam aadi who is at stake and is being taken for a ride.

  3. Paresh says:

    Look at the second man from left in the photo. He is decked in gold ornaments. All the men in the picture seem like goondas. Pretty scary scene!

  4. uvach says:

    They all are, that’s why they are politicians.

  5. Y V Choudary says:

    We Indians do not have right to complain about corrupt politicians. Look around you, corruption is deep rooted in the society. How many Indians are ready to take a personnel pledge against corruption, big or small with their hands on their head. Unfortunately hardly any. A simple example – conversation at a wedding of the daughter of a PWD works supervisor – oh he has earned well and that is why he has given good dowry – this is made as a appreciative remark. Such attitudes have to change

  6. neelam ambokar says:

    one mr hazare is not enough to wash out corruption. we require n number of hazares. mr hazare has shown us the way, let us practically try to practice transparency and accountability on local levels. let us create awareness in the society to not tolerate bribery. let us use the right to information and bring the right picture in front of the public.

  7. neelam ambokar says:

    mujhe meri beti ki shadi karani ho to main us ladke ke barre mai jankari leti hu, woh kya kam karta hai, kitna kamata hai, kaha reheta hai, kya kya karta tha, behaviour kaisa hai, koi buri aadat to nahi, mata pita kaise hai, kitna padhalikha hai, eetyadi.
    ek ladki ki zindagi ke baremay itna sochte hai to is desh ki janta ke baray mai kitna sochna chahiye. Inki mehenat, inki zindagi, is desh ka bhavishya hum apne ward se chunav ladnewale pratyayshi ke hatho me sop dete hai. jiske haatho mai hum is desh ke bhavishya ko sopte hai, humare baccho ke bhavishya ko sopte hai,
    us pratyayshi ke barray mei hume kitna sochna chahiye?
    uska kya background hai. kya kaam karta hai kaise ghar chalata hai, rojgaar ka kya madhyam hai. padha likha hai ya nahi, us nagarsevak, aamdar ya khasdar ki kursi par baithkar logo ke mehenat se bhare hue tax rupi paiso ko sahi maine me insaaf dila payega ya nahi. ya chunkar aane ke baad khud ke liye gaadi, dukaan, ghar, plot, factory eetyadi property jama karne mai vyast ho jaayega.
    Salo saal mehenat karke bhi ek aam insaan ek ghar badi mushkil se bana pata hai, Apne baccho ke muh ko khana aur shiksha dete dete budha ho jata hai, usi desh mai sirf kuch do chaar saalo mai kisi nagarsevak, aamdar, khasdar, bureaucrats, police officers, eetyadiyo ki property sou guna ho jaati hai. woh kaise. konse khet mai woh kaam karte hai.

  8. uvach says:

    Agree with you entirely.

  9. uvach says:

    You are right. We would never entrust the fellows whom we elect with our money or our wife or daughters, but we sure trust them our country’s command.

  10. Sudipto says:

    But we should stop blaaming our politicians. India is a democracy and these are the people we chose. I agree that it may not be me and you who have voted for them but the junta of our country has voted them to power. I blame it on the people of our country.

    There is a good page where you can follow news on Corruption in India. Have a look at http://www.infonary.com/india-corruption.

  11. Ajeet Tyagi says:


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