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Article written

  • on 25.02.2010
  • at 09:35 AM
  • by uvach

Customs Corruption creek 6


Its not for nothing that Customs is the most sought after cadre behind IAS & IPS in Civil Services Examination. The department reeks of Corruption. Its has got an ever flowing stream of ‘liquid cash’ that beckons new recruits. Estimated average daily bribe collected by Customs officials range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh as per graft investigators. Three recent HT stories give us a glimpse of the rot with in the department.

Customs Corruption Image

Hindustan Times, 09 Feb 2010: DRI raids and seizes Rs. 1.75 crores from Ashok Gulati, a Customs House Agent (Private entity who provide services to importers and exporters). He confesses that apart from Rs. 40 Lakhs the rest belonged to 4 Customs Officials including a Deputy Commissioner. DRI transfers the case to the Customs & Excise Department who order an internal inquiry.

Hindustan Times, 11 Feb 2010: The CHA, Ashok Gulati retracts his earlier statement. He now claims that the entire money belongs to him.

Hindustan Times, 21 Feb 2010: The story gives a detailed account of pen drives, cryptic codes & collection agents used by Corrupt customs officials to conceal their activities.

While the stream of corruption flows unabated, vigilance agencies only end up covering up whatever little gets exposed. There are many questions that fill our minds begging for answers:

1) Why were the customs officials not raided immediately after there were enough corroborating evidence.

2) Why was the CHA not used as a decoy to entrap the corrupt officials.

3) Has any systematic effort been made to counter this entrenched web of corruption?

4) How many officials have been raided/caught and successfully prosecuted in the past one year.

5) Are new recruits who opt for Customs asked why they did so?

6) What is it that makes Customs such a lucrative cadre choice, if not Corruption.

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  3. Hari says:

    I find the Mumbai customs the worst among all major airports in India. They shamelessly take money and other stuff from passengers traveling to India. The people who suffer the worst are those who are returning home from the Middle-East.

  4. Parth J Dave says:

    Be it Customs or any other Governmental department, our people are trained in bribery and red-tapism. There is this wrong idea stemmed into us right from the start… Our psyche tends to gravitate further towards greed, power and money. It has been well said that, “Behind a corrupt person is a greedy family”.

    If we want to weed out corruption, then we need to change our mentality.. If our mentality is changed, no one would ever be greedy for power and money..

    P.S. This is my first day on this blog and I’m really loving the theme. I shall come here for more articles on corruption.

    ALL THE BEST, buddy!

  5. ashok hiranand says:

    we can get rid of corruption practically it is a virus/disease in many human beings , we have to follow the meta science which is a step ahead of current science .we can prove the said process in the presence of doctors ,scientist, psychiatrist , media etc ashok hiranand 09324041669

  6. indian says:

    Just paid customs bribe in Ahmedabad, wonder why they dont put webcams to monitor them. That would fix the problem.

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