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  • on 09.11.2009
  • at 11:59 PM
  • by uvach

Changing Bihar, slowly 14


Note: This is the first part of a multi part series on Nitish Kumar and his efforts to build a New Bihar.

When Mayawati became Chief Minster of U.P. for the first time, she shook up the entire bureaucracy and police by shifting more than 150 officers in one day. When Lalu became CM, he soon landed up at the Patna Medical College Hospital with the media in tow, to inspect whether Doctors were attending duty properly. He publicly rebuked those who were found derelict. He did the same when he became the Central Railway Minister, by ordering the office gates to be locked after the scheduled time so that the habitual late-comers could not get in. Yet, when Nitish Kumar became CM of Bihar in November 2005, after 15 long years of Lalu-Rabri rule, there was hardly a flutter.

Bihar CM Image

Save one or two key bureaucratic changes, there were hardly any changes anywhere. So much so that even the official residence of Chief Minster, 1 Anne Marg, continued to adorn the outgoing Chief Minister, Rabri Devi more than two months after he was sworn in. People started to wonder what, if any, were the changes. Nitish Kumar went to work with practically the same bureaucratic and executive team as his predecessor. Sure there were reshuffles later on but the pace was unremarkable. He started off by conducting long meetings with the senior bureaucrats that routinely went on till late nights. The bureaucracy was rattled a bit but not too much thinking that the initial enthusiasm will soon run out of steam. They were, however, in for a rude shock. Nitish was digging his heels for a long seize, not a guerrilla war. Assiduously he went to work to put the state back on track, bit by bit.

One of the first challenges was to stabilize law and order situation. However here too, those who were looking for some high profile, quick fix solutions, were disappointed. In fact the first full year barely saw any change. High profile kidnappings and murders continued to rattle the state. Nitish came in for criticism for his pre-election claim that he will fix law & order within three months.  Change however, started to become visible later after a few cases were cracked by the Police and the accused were charge sheeted promptly. Another significant change appeared in the form of unshackling of several upright senior Police Officers who had been completely sidelined during the Lalu Rabri era.

Another turning point was the gusto with which the state embraced the centrally sponsored Fast Track Court scheme. More and cases were transfered to the FTC especially those belonging to high profile criminal politicians ( even those from his own JDU Party) . Suddenly things started to look up after the conviction rates started to inch up. In the past two years 2006 – 2008, more than 26000 convictions have taken place. Several dreaded political criminals have been awarded capital punishment and lesser sentences. Today, even thogh the law & order situation may not be ideal, but at least it has turned a corner . A clear proof of this is that Bihar has already ceded its monopoly over prime time television news to a lot of other states. No news is indeed good news.

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  1. Rocky Ukken says:

    Nitish Kumar is a large-hearted man because he accommodated George Fernandes in Raj Sabha despite the latter’s poor show in Bihar

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Neha Sharma, Sanjay Uvach. Sanjay Uvach said: New Blog Post: Nitish Kumar – Changing Bihar, slowly – http://bit.ly/1WmtTt […]

  3. Ankit says:

    Indeed very positive vibes coming out of Bihar and Nitish , what one feels is that he is doing a lot of work!

  4. Ranjai says:

    Thanks mr Nitish kumar for stablish the law and order in bihar… Plz be careful of the import industry in bihar.plz make a indusrial area in every district

  5. Yes ,this is a right time to bound with a System of Nitish Kumar.He not only establish the law and order but also trying to fill the moral and social gap.The moral gap develop a new thinking about corruption which is harmful,it is eradicating by the Chief Minister …………..for details see my blog http://www.nitishkrekyugpurush.blogspot.com,

    Rahul Kumar Singh,Political Writer

  6. vivek says:

    Indeed,Mr. Nitish is performing not only well but excellent.Kudos to him.

  7. Md.Asfaque Khan says:

    well jaha tak bat hamare cm saab ki hai to isme koi shaque nahi hai ki unka management realy me kamal ka hai aur bihar minute by minute devloped kar raha hai aur inshaallah yeh kadam hamesh hi aage badege so whole bihar ke publick ka hath aap ke sath hai so *Bade Chalo*

  8. sweta says:

    mr nitish kumar is doing well but i think many fields are left like biotechnology

  9. Mr. Nitesh Kumar is the pride for Bihar & Bihari !

    He worked in real sense for Bihar and for that now getting back the respect from all where for which this the state deserving.

    He is the personality in the history of Bihar who has done such kinds of changes in the Law & Order and also shown the economical growth by development in the state.

    Although, I belong to such village (Native place : Village – Sobrauli, Police Station – Sahar Ghat, Sub Division – Benipatti, Dist – Madhubani) where there is no road still now (presently, as I just retuned back from my native place in last month to my job in Bahrain) and always transportation linked get obstructed for almost 3-5 months because of rain and flood.

    Ever though, I salute Mr. Nitish Kumar for his honesty, sincerity and dedication toward our motherland and his responsibilities for overall performance of last 5 years whose good fames spreading not only in country but also abroad, still more development and opportunity for jobs need to be created.

    People of our state Bihar should think support always to such personality to have better prosperity, economical growth, infrastructure and crime/ fear free society.

    Kind Regards
    Ram Baboo Singh
    Bahrain (Middle-east country)

  10. sujeet says:

    I think Nitish Kumar is a person who become an eg of all bihari & we proud 2 be abihari

  11. VBH says:

    nitish rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. sir i am a defence personal thanks 4 weldone job 4 bihar aapne ravan raj se bihar ko mukt kiya hai
    jo sapna maine bihar ke liye dekha tha aap se pûra hota dekh raha hu
    sir logo ke soch me badlaw ki jarurat hai so sir you have to welcome some social communities like (radha swami satsang)fr6 my view. Sir your and dy CM work is unbeliveable thanks again

  13. arunkr says:

    also i want to say to mr nitish kumar, your heart is so honest than anothert leader . u have done work more accurataly for the developement of Bihar. also want to give a suggession for the developement of Bihar, u
    should have to connect the village by road to the highway or cityes.
    also u have to give light in village, by the way i live in village , also u should come in village and see the the position of the villagers. how they live

  14. prakash says:

    realy nitish rock the bihar..

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