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  • on 01.01.2010
  • at 10:52 PM
  • by uvach

Bribe Rate Chart 8

Each of us have our own experiences of Corruption to share. Bribe Rate Chart is an effort to pool our common knowledge of Corruption into making a price list of corruption services through out the country. Any reader may add new information to the table and become a contributor to this collective effort. The modification will however be subject to moderation by the moderator. As per decision of the moderator the proposed addition/ change may be accepted or deleted.
Department/ Designation Service Location Rate Reference
Income Tax Refund (Manual IT Return) India up to 10% of Refund Amount @NoBribe
Police FIR – Stolen Car Noida Rs. 5,000/- @Akshay_Khanna
Police Passport Police Verification India Rs. 200 – 500/- @NoBribe
Police Passport Police Verification Bangalore Rs. 100/- msubbudu
Police Traffic Violation Bangalore Rs. 100/- msubbudu
Railways Ticket-less Travel India upto 50% of Ticket Price @NoBribe
BDO/ Mukhiya/ Gram Sevak BPL Card Bihar Rs. 5,000/- Hindustan Times – Patna, 30.04.2010
District Registrar Marriage Registration Noida Rs. 1,100/- @Naina
KEB Repairing Main line from Pole Bangalore Rs. 75/- per person msubbudu
TNEB Allocation of Transformer/ Cable to an area Tamilnadu Rs. 5,000/- TOI
TNEB 3 Phase, 50/100 Amps Meter Tamilnadu Rs. 3,000 – 5,000/- TOI
TNEB Replace burnt Meter Tamilnadu Rs. 2,000/- TOI
BSEB New Connection/ Load Enchancement Bihar Rs. 1,000 per KW @NoBribe
BSEB Removing Old Meter after disconnection Bihar Rs. 1,500/- @NoBribe
State Govt – Registrar House Registration Mumbai Rs. 5,000/- sriram

If you wish to add to this rate chart, please register and then login to be able to edit this rate chart. For help on adding information to this table click help.

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  1. […] across the country. Mr. Uchav fights corruption from Bihar. You can evenĀ  see and contribute to a bribery rate card to see what the prevalent “rates” in your area […]

  2. Anand shanmugam says:

    Students from all parts of the country must unite and raise their hands against corruption.The above said union of students will force the indian government to obtain the information from Swiss bank regarding Names of account holders, amount of black money, and Transactions. Swiss bank has recently agreed to disclose the Detaills of all black money accounts, if demanded by the indian government. If they disclose and if our government gets our money back from them, india will become the richest country in the world. As you all know 1500 billion $ dollars are left in swiss bank. Our indian government is not taking any action because if the list is disclosed, the secrecy of all dishonest politicians and industrialists will be known to the public. We youngsters should unite and do something against this to get our wealth back.. A poor farmer is working day and night for his crops. An army soldier is standing on the border 24 hours a day just to protect us.. what did these dishonest politicians and industriaists do for us. Let them not eat our money.. Doesnt matter which religion we belong to .. its our country and is our house.. We should do something before we disappear from this land.. let our generations live in a corrption free india…

  3. K V Gopalakrishnan says:

    Can we create a one strong forum in India to fight against corruption. A multitude of such forums dilute the focus and only abets the corrupts. Instead, if the whole effort could be centralised by the coming together of few likeminded, honest and able personalities, it could be a focussed crusade against corruption and could be of great use. Something of course need to be done, to make sure that at least this cancer is checked from spreading deeper and deeper.

  4. uvach says:

    @Gopalakrishnan – Strong forums can be created from the weak ones if sufficient number of people persist with it for a long time. Do follow at http://facebook.com/norbibe for a regular interaction.

  5. KD Kiran says:

    Really its great job Uvach…Today politics are so much corrupted than ever before. previously there used to be many efficient leaders in a party. But presently its going on decreasing. day by day our moral principles are getting tilted towards west.I feel efficient people, dedicated youth should come into politics to lead the next generation..At present not even a single leader is able to make a right decision and the parties are just sitting to enjoy the commotion in the country…really i believe this situation coluld be changed only when efficient principled people, Acaademicians, Lawyers, young talented people should thrive into the cabinet….

  6. gullit samson says:

    rather than setting up our india.. as a super power……………..we will set our india as an example for the whole world by giving a meaning for our nation.. (THE LAND OF GOOD)

  7. deepti.naidu says:

    Hi, I wanted to add in an entry to the Bribe Rate chart but couldn’t. Tried doing what the help page said but no luck.

  8. admin says:

    Plz put it in the comment itself.

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