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  • on 10.05.2009
  • at 08:06 AM
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Like any other blog this one too is a medium of self expression, born largely out of my angst at my inability to influence social change.  Just like any common man on street, I have felt voiceless in the day to day grind of  everyday life. I have been often plagued by the nauseating feeling of seeing wrong being done but being unable to stop, prevent or change it. This blog will help voice my concerns, vent my ideas and shape my thoughts.

The idea for this blog came from my first ever blog post – A Glass Half Empty. The post dealt with the myriad of holes & leakages in our systems leading to  a loot of government exchequer. Corruption today is reaching monumental proportions. Just like the Freedom Movement of the 40s and the Economic Liberalisation of 90s, our nation today is in the need of a basic paradigm shift. Freedom from Corruption will impact all facets of our society and will catapult us into an orbit of mature nationhood.

But can a blog lead us to our dream of “Corruption Free India”? I believe it can…tune in to this blog for taking the fight to the enemies’ doorsteps.

Let the fight begin….

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  1. Hi, great initiative. I congratulate you on this one and am looking forward to read your posts in the near future. Do visit my blog @ http://www.youthkiawaaz.com. Hope to stay in touch with you for long.


  2. Shweta Singh says:

    An excellent blog. Jai Bihar team resonates with your articles and would like to publish some of them on our website http://www.jaibihar.com. Your consent will be highly appreciated as corruption is an issue that we believe is restricting Bihar’s development.

    Shweta Singh

  3. Sanjay Uvach says:

    Thanks Shweta, for your appreciation. Your website is doing a great service for ‘Brand Bihar’. I would be pleased to have my article reappear on your website. Pls let us know which article would you like to reproduce on your website? Pls do provide a link to our home page at the end.

  4. hi…grt initiative dude!!! recently came across ur blog n read all ur articles in one go….a true way to show the changes or modifications we need in our system…highly recommend ur blog to my fellow colleagues….keep up the good work!!!

  5. Akshat Rathi says:

    A great idea. I will follow your progress and help you get more support. If I can be of any more help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  6. Hi,

    I am Pradnya and I have been reading your blog and following it quite regularly. Your blog makes for very interesting reading.

    I am writing to you with reference to Tata Tea’s Jaago Re movement – a movement that I represent. The Jaago Re campaign was initiated in the year 2007 and the objective of this campaign was to initiate social awakening amongst Indians. The Jaago Re campaign made a great impact with the ‘One Billion Votes’ campaign and are currently targeting corruption with the ‘Khilana Band, Pilana Shuru’ drive.

    Recently, Tata Tea has re-launched its flagship website http://www.jaagore.com. The portal which was, for the last one year, an online hot spot for aspiring voters to register and obtain all information related to Voter Registration, will now stand for social awakening in a broader sense. Jaago Re as a campaign has targeted the youth of the nation, urging them to take a stand on various issues such as voting and corruption and do their bit – thereby encouraging them to ‘be the change they want to see’.

    What makes http://www.jaagore.com unique is that it facilitates the flow of information and resources between individuals / groups / organizations – by bringing together, onto a common platform, those who possess information and resources and those who need them. NGOs can list themselves on the site, thereby making their presence felt with individuals who would like to work with them. On the other hand, individuals who wish to do their bit for society can volunteer their services with an organization of their choice.

    It would be great if you can help us support us by spreading the word on Jaago Re’s initiative through your blog. Hopefully readers of your blog, both NGOs and individuals alike, would be inspired enough to join the initiative.

    For any further details do visit http://www.jaagore.com or you can contact me and I would be glad to help.

    Take care,
    Pradnya Adhikari

  7. Sridhar says:

    Glad to find this blog and admire your passion to do something about corruption in India. Loksatta party in AP has proposed a sophisticated Anticorruption bill in 2009 to give more tooth to the existing laws and bring elected legislative officials into the purview of the act. And not even one individual in the opposition supported it, let alone the ruling party. Such is the resistance in the country for top-down and spot-on approaches aimed to stifle corrpution.

    I hope you can write about how technology can help in exposing the corrupt and their practices. When NREGA started going hi-tec by issuing biometric cards for beneficiaries or or let computers take control of the whole process or when the funds were allowed to be directly deposited into a smart card enabled accounts – the politicians and middlemen surprsingly did not attempt to wreck the technology in-roads into public administration. Neither did they go berserk when the UID project was commissioned or that it will be linked to all other citizen services accounts to enable effective delivery of public services or welfare. May be we should see a glimmer of hope in the increasing acceptance of technology in intelligence, decision making and administration. It appears that politicians are shy about directly opposing these policies and not that they really welcome these developments that could undermine their power and wealth creation. As ordinary citizens the best we can do is to campaign vigorously for further use of technology not only in public administration but also in technologies (and their legitimacy) that can track the fund flows between the fat cats within and outside the borders. In short, every corrupt act or transaction should be allowed to leave a trace and that can used to expose the individuals and ultimately prosecute them. Hope you can post your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  8. admin says:

    Sridhar, My own thoughts on this subject are included in an earlier post http://www.nobribe.org/emperors-clothes . Great comment though. Would encourage you to write a guest post yourself on the subject.

  9. Sridhar says:

    Thanks Sanjay/admin. You has covered there almost all I have in mind. Also found valuable the social media roundup post.

    One of the things I would like to dream of happening in India is abolishing use of paper money transactions over a certain limit (could be Rs 10k). The idea is to design a deterrent for those engaging in paying or receiving bribes or anyother illegal transactions. Instead, the medium of payment could be personal checks, demand drafts, money orders etc. where the identity of the payee is already established and tagged to the transaction. The highest currency denomination could be reduced from the current Rs. 1000 to Rs 50. Every adult citizen or family could be required to have a bank account. All the financial transactions be saved real time and an advanced data mining capability put in place to query or gain insights about the transactions.

  10. Vishal says:

    Hey I am not able to understand one thing, that is how would recording bribes taken on blog would stop corruption?
    And did this step take us any further till now?
    I want to be a part of something like this from a long time, its good see you take an initiative.

  11. uvach says:

    @Vishal Presence of a credible online Bribe Rate Chart will negate the sense that ‘all is well’ and the money spent by Government is largely to the benefit of the poor, forcing Government to take note of Corruption. It would be the equivalent of publishing a ‘leaked’ examination Question paper in a Newspaper forcing the annulment of the exam. Hopefully a Bribe Rate Chart too would force the Government to act against Corruption before continuing to pour money in the name of Social good. Moreover it will also enlighten all of us about the extent and volume of Corruption and bring us out of our general apathy against Corruption.

  12. avinash kumar(roshan) says:

    the best way to stop corruption is to bring mental revolution at all level it’s a social problem so it needs a social solution in society if every individual understands his/her responsibilites then i think there would be no corruption

  13. anurag says:

    I am impressed by you initiative ,please check “corruption in drdo”, a man’s fight aginst the system

  14. sanjay says:

    This is really good. If we unite online, one we will be able to through the corrupt in Arabian sea

  15. […] Sanjay Uvach – an entrepreneur from Bihar –  decided that all he wants to do is blog about corruption. A great initiative proving that social media and online communication is the new […]

  16. Corruption has come between India and its Development for a long time. Corruption has prevailed in places where there is no moral sense of duty or any legal setbacks.

    India is deciding whether to constitutionalize Jan Lokpal bill or not. But the people are forgetting that India is after all a Democracy. Your vote is your right and your duty.

    Support India against Corruption by casting your votes in http://www.indiaagainstcorruption-vote.com . Voting results will be forwarded to The President of India. Forward this message to people who think like you.

  17. VJ NAMBIAR says:

    Please read the articles in my blog . There are many similiar blogs written by people just like you and me seeing wrong being done but being unable to stop, prevent or change it. Such help voice concerns, vent ideas and shape thoughts, but we must all link up to build force and voice .Mail me and we can discuss further .

  18. Prasad MBD says:

    It is not practical to eradicate corruption, as chanakya ( about 22000 years ago) mentioned about it. It can be controlled. As all the politicians and political parties are corrupt, we can’t depend on the present system.
    Only way is to form citizen’s forums in every city/town/village and take action against the currupt officials from the lower level to upper level. If lower level is controlled ( which is easier) higher levels are automatically controlled. This may be a slow process but finally gives sustainable results.

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